About Me

Saffy; seventeen years old (although I act like I’m seven); England;

  • has ambitions to be a crazy cat lady if marrying various fictional and celebrity crushes proves impossible;
  • has imaginary friends and a pet dragon; 
  • a realist, a cynic, a dreamer who does not believe in dreams; 
  • uses pretentious words like “detrimental” and “plethora” on a daily basis, but also says things like “hecka rad” and “snazzy” o no;
  •  devours books faster than a morbidly obese kid devours cream cakes;
  • lover of hot chocolate and earl grey tea (black, no sugar); 
  • likes fairytales and big cities and high places and a wide open expanse of cloudless night sky;
  • worryingly incorrigible procrastinator & lazy as hell;
  • speaks english, sarcasm and parseltongue;
  • making plans to take over the universe;


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